Dirty Burger

Simple, quality burgers around London

This is a small burger shack focused on making sick-ass burgers. They’re small, one-hander burgers, easy to eat but a little messy as their flavoursome goodness is squeezed between the buns.

The burgers are served in paper with crispy yet fluffy crinkle cut chips. And their milkshakes are badass. This place is very burger focused, so they’re not overloaded with tons of toppings.

There are three burger choices on the menu (including a vegetarian option), so there’s none of the ‘which tastes and flavours do I want?’. It’s simple; do you want cheese? Do you want bacon? Here’s your burger, you’re welcome. They’ve got a number of spots around London (as well as a place in Chicago and Barcelona!) so give them a try and see what you think!

Price: (£ – ££)
Vibe: 4/5

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