Le Freakshaker

Wildly oversized, decadent and exotically flavoured freakshakes

Le Freakshaker comes from the creative mind of Olly Bonhomme, who say the milkshakes are “wildly oversized, decadent and made using only the finest ingredients”

This is London’s latest freakshake addition, and certainly one of the best! These freaks are topped with oreos, waffles, syrups and creams, with colourful American style shake straws to bypass the mountain of toppings. Olly has introduced bolder, more exotic flavours and ingredients to the freakshake biz, such as pina colada and upside down pineapple cake!

You can find Le Freakshaker inside POND, a Hawaiin themed restaurant inside a former Victorian warehouse in Daltson. You can also pick up Olly’s freakshakes at the Molly Bakes Café, Le Freakshakers original birthplace, just down the road from POND.

Price: £8 – £15

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