Miki’s Paradise

Miki's brings an authentic taste of the Mediterranean to London in a super healthy way (apart from the Freakshakes!!)

Check out Miki’s Paradise for super indulgent Freakshakes, juices, smoothies, crepes and all things sweet!

Miki’s freakshakes are absolute beasts, and are certainly worth the cavities you will undoubtedly procure. But that’s not a problem – you ordered a freakshake, you know what you’re getting! Choose between a large cornet, a fat brownie or an epic slice of M&M cake perched on a fluffy pillow of whipped cream to top your shake, and see what you can manage. But don’t feel guilty when you’re licking the glass clean, these monsters deserve to be enjoyed!

Their bagels and other baked goods are freshly served all day and ready to takeaway, and are always delicious, healthy and flavoursome! Miki’s brings the fresh taste of the Mediterranean to London, and their authentic taste cannot be beaten! Certainly not on their super fresh, healthy and energising juices and smoothies, perfect for an early morning pick-me-up!

You can find Miki’s Paradise along Holloway Road in North London. Make sure you check them out!

Price: £ – ££

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