Sea Satin Market – Greek Restaurant

One of the most fun and famous Mykonian spots to grab dinner, located right on the water!

one of the most festive dinners on the Island, located next to the iconic windmills and the water!

Sea Satin Market is situated in the main harbor, right next to the water making for an amazing setting serving some of the freshest seafood on the island!

This place is seriously fun! Book for the dinner service and be prepared to eat delicious fresh seafood and bust out your dance moves Tabletop style!!!

Napkin swinging and alcohol consumption are essential at Sea Satin Market! Best experienced in a group so that you can enjoy more food and more dancing, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see single diners being pulled into this restaurant’s unbelievable vibe!

The music is great to dance and sing to and is bound to really get you in the holiday mood!

Cost: (££-£££)
Vibe: A true Mykononian dining experience! This is an absolute must! If you didn’t go, were you even in Mykonos??

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