The Bletchley

Immersive enigma themed bar where cracked codes equal cocktails served!

Fancy yourself a bit of a detective?

Want to feel like you’ve really earned your drinks? (because just paying cash is boring, right?) Try the Bletchley, an immersive cocktail experience unlike anything else in London.

From the same people who created ABQ, the Breaking Bad-themed cocktail RV, and inspired by the Bletchley Park site (where Nazi codes were debunked in WWII), this speakeasy cocktail bar puts you in the heart of the war.

You turn up and immerse yourself in the theme, becoming an agent and being shown to the bunkers where you will attempt to break codes using the famed Enigma machines. Once you’ve cracked it, transmit via radio and receive your specialized cocktail! Sounds simple enough, right?

You’ve got to have your wits about you though – if you can’t crack any of the codes, then no drinks for you! The Bletchley has no menu, instead, your cocktail will be personalized based on the codes you crack, and you’ll receive the recipe in a secret letter from the mixologist along with your drink.

This is a really fun experience. At about £35 per person for 3 cocktails and 2 hours of fun in the bunker, it’s definitely great value. The staff remain in character the whole time and the decor is very detailed, it really is like stepping into WWII, except you’re sipping on lavish cocktails rather than rations!

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Price: (££)
Vibe: Immersive WWII  speakeasy 

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