The Bungalow

European style restaurant overlooking the ocean with fresh seafood, sushi and all round tasty menu!

Without a doubt one of the nicest spots in Cape Town to sit down and enjoy the sunset and some seductive sushi!

The Bungalow is set in seaside Glen Country Club with spectacular views of surrounding Cape Town! The restaurant offers indoor seating, a semi indoor bar and outdoor bed areas for the real sunset experience!

The restaurant has a great vibe and boasts a solid menu of delectable dishes from Seafoood pasta to a T-Bone steak! In our experience food does vary in speed and quality from time to time, but the Baby Kingklip, Tempura Prawns and Sushi have never let our trusty tastebuds down!

So on that note be sure to pop in over the summer for an authentic CT experience and some fresh fish! Especially for foreigners wanting to take in the cities biggest gift! The views!

Cost: (££-£££) or (RRR-RRRR)
Vibe: Ocean view restaurant with outdoor seating and perfect summer vibe!

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Cape Town RSA
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Mon - Sun: 11am - 1am