Alcotraz Penitentiary | Prison Cocktail Bar

Billed as "London's first prison cocktail bar", Alcotraz offers a uniquely immersive experience pulling you into the criminal lifestyle

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a cocktail in prison?

No? Me neither, but Alcotraz, billed as “London’s first prison cocktail bar”, has appeared in Brick Lane and its the kind of one-off experience you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

Each inmate is given their identification number and an orange jumpsuit, then assigned a cell by the guards before being introduced to the criminal mixologist. But here’s where you’ve got to be a bit clever; the guards only let him keep his mixers and syrups, so you’ll need to smuggle in your own spirits for him to whip up some devilish cocktails for you to enjoy. Keep your wits about you though, or that booze could get confiscated!

At £30 per inmate for a 1-hour 45-minute sentence, including four cocktails, the pricing isn’t too bad. Yes, you have to take your own spirits, but if shared amongst a group it shouldn’t be too expensive.

Charities have hit out at their poor taste, slamming it as a “fetishization of misfortune”, but don’t let that put you off. (Unless it hits you in the morals!) Alcotraz is a uniquely immersive experience unlike anything else in London, so it’s definitely worth a visit!

You can make a booking here!

Price: (££)
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