The Ludlow

Upscale cosmopolitan boutique with a classy black and white decor and youthful artsy vibe

The Ludlow is an upscale cosmopolitan boutique with a classy black and white decor and youthful vibe.

The lobby is very warm and inviting, with a grand fireplace where you can sit and relax with a book and a coffee from the deli and other eateries across the street (such as the famous Katz restaurant, where Harry met Sally). The Ludlow is a great spot from which to enjoy New York city.

Out back they have a gorgeous enclosed garden patio with hanging plants and lights and a flood of sunlight from above. A great spot to chill and enjoy the warm city air in the summer.

The hotel’s black and white colour scheme continues through the rooms, where high ceilings and tall windows create a very artsy feel. The rooms feel very modern, with super comfortable fluffy armchairs and contemporary style bathrooms.

Trusty Tip – go for the skybox loft room. It’s a little more expensive but has a beautiful sitting area surrounded on all sides by floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s gorgeous.

The restaurant, Dirty French, offers a great choice of food and drink, perfect if you want a good meal on-site. If not, there are lots of choices very close by the hotel: it’s a great spot in the Eastside, make the most of it!

Price: ($$$)
Vibe: Youthful and artsy

Photo courtesy: Annie Schlechter

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